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Visa Guidance

Visa requirements - As an international student you will need to make sure you successfully apply for a visa before you move abroad to study. Each study destination will have its own requirements and each visa will carry its own rules and restrictions.

Role of PIS in Visa Guidance

PIS has expert staff to guide you through the whole process, whether you choose to study in the Uk, Canada, U.S , Australia , or the UAE. The process can be complicated and universities often encourage international students to seek professional guidance before and during the visa application stage. Contact us at our office today.

Give yourself plenty of time

Applying for your visa can be a lengthy process. You will need to make sure you give yourself plenty of time to submit your application and present all of the necessary documentation.

Supporting documents includes

  • Bank statements
  • University Acceptance Letter
  • Education documents
  • Your International Passport
  • Proof of English Language proficiency
  • Visa application
  • Medical results (for certain countries)

You will not be able to start your course unless you have secured your visa beforehand. Contact us today to discuss the requirements in more detail.

PIS Visa Guidance Services includes:

  • Help with collecting your official documents
  • Visa interview preparations
  • Updates you on any changes in visa regulations
  • Guide on all other aspects of the student visa process
  • Assist with booking English and medical tests
  • In the unfortunate event that your visa application is rejected, PIS will examine the reasons provided and advise you on how
    you may be able to appeal Visa Guidance


Many immigration offices will also invite you for an interview. PIS provide full support in preparing you for the interview, advising on the likely format
and examples of questions you may be asked.

Visa Restrictions

Highly experienced PIS staff will also be able to advise you on the restrictions of your study visa, for example, whether you can:

  • Work part-time during your course
  • Stay for full time employment after your course to work
  • Bring your family

Contact PIS

Applying for your visa is not an easy task. Let our trained staff support you throughout your application.

Contact us today at our office to discuss more.