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Study Abroad Benefits From Nigeria

Many believe to study abroad impacts only the student’s career path. However, that is fully not the case. The effect branches itself into the student’s personal, professional and academic life mainly in a positive manner.
Prime International Study offers scholarships and opportunities to students of study abroad benefits from Nigeria.

The advantages and disadvantages for studying abroad might vary but for Nigerian students it benefits to be exposes to a new culture and land.

PIS partners with wide range of Universities specialized in research and technology. There is a reduction of communication & application costs. Contact us today and let’s get started with your consultation.

  • Short Study - Period A degree from a Nigerian university may take over 5 years to complete. This a huge disadvantage studying locally. The benefits to study abroad shortens your study period to a considerable time.
  • Improve Career Opportunities - One of the biggest benefits of studying abroad from Nigeria, is the opportunity to broaden your skills and qualifications. PIS is affiliated with reputable universities all over the globe with range of courses from Engineering, Medical, Interior and more.
  • Experience a New Culture - Study abroad gives you an important privilege to communicate with people of different nationalities. You are able to learn foreign languages and traditions that last with you for a lifetime.
  • Earn Money While You Study - One of the advantages of studying abroad is to work for part time jobs and that could be effective towards your development. This could go a long way in relieving your living expenses and make you live more comfortable.

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